Leading You On

In photography more so than other visual arts such as painting or sculpture there is a challenge as to how to get someone to consider what you have captured. With other art forms there are ways to evoke a response through the use of textures and layering, use of color, and shape. There is a reason that art galleries ask you not to touch the exhibits, but in a photo gallery it is only requested that you do not photograph the originals on display. Photographers use a fully two dimensional medium to draw us out of a three dimensional existence to experience something that only our minds can build into textures and depth through a stimulated desire and acceptance of the illusion. It is an imaginary encounter that we are drawn into. Lines, composition, and lighting are all tools used to pique the psyche off its couch and into our little frames. If the trick works it is truly mesmerizing, if it doesn’t it is simply forgotten.

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