In photography we use perspective to lead the eye around the frame we have captured by using leading lines in the composition. Unlike a snapshot at a family dinner where the dining table recedes back to Grandma’s smiling face a more thoughtful use of perspective will lead the viewer with lines, shadows, color, selective focus and the like to tell the story of a thousand words. Sometimes it is a tool to draw you to a subject, and sometimes the use of perspective is meant not only to lead you in the frame, but also to help you see the story the photographer is telling.

In life too, perspective is all about where our eyes go, and how that affects our thinking, which in turn affects our actions. We are lead through this life by our thinking, and if our thinking is formed by what we filter through our eyes then our perspective is very important. Even in a spiritual sense we are lead by our inner eye, by what we command our senses to draw into our ever yearning maw. Like a six tentacled hextapus we grope about to satiate a bottomless hunger. The question then becomes whether we will allow ourselves to be filled with just whatever comes our way, or if we will brave moments of starvation for the sake of real nourishment. Quietness and stillness can be terrifying, or they can be allies. To a hunter these are critical skills for survival. To a human these are tools to hone in the hunt for sustaining truth.

Perhaps a little deep for a photo like this, but my mind goes places like this when I look into people’s eyes who have been caught in a moment. It is part of what I love about photography, and the reason why I always try to see what the story is. This story has only three hundred and thirty four words so the other six hundred and sixty six I’ll leave up to you.

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