It is no small thing to made to feel small. It is, in some cases, a very jarring occurrence. In different contexts the effects vary widely from a deeply painful experience to a spiritual high. The former is typically the result of one human being trying to superimpose itself over another soul in an effort to eclipse it from its sense of self, the latter is normally from an exposure to the immensity of one’s surroundings. This occlusion of self will initiate in some a profound sense of euphoria, but for others it may well lead to a feeling of feebleness and insecurity. Better to hide away in one’s local coffee shop with a cup of java and a good book then, or safer at least. For me it is a welcome experience to become the micro in a vast ocean of macro. It is very comforting to find my perspective put to what feels right. I would even dare to say that it not only feels right, it is right. Empirically speaking we are miniscule. The atheist and theist alike can look about them and find a profound sense of awe in both our fragility and our apparent insignificance. There is power in this. There is a unifying principle here. I believe it is humility.

Just looking at our efforts to create and sustain power for our civilizations being backlit by the nuclear glow of our solar life source puts things right in my mind. Such a tremendous wellspring, so utterly beyond our control effortlessly showers down the energy that passes through every living thing on our planet. Hard not to feel like a kid building a Lego® world. I love it!

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