It is one of those times in our lives when reflecting on the past is almost wholly eclipsed by the long view of our future. Graduation is a season when we put our past to our eyes like a looking glass to see what possibilities it will project for us, and what parts of our history we want to tweak or drop altogether to improve that view. This young fellows eyes fairly glow with promise as he looks ahead, but he is not the only one who is in a season of graduation right now. Many of us are facing graduations of differing sorts that may be either lighting up our sky or foreshadowing some imminent darkness, and the question at the heart of it all is, “Where am I going?”.
When I look at these eyes I am reminded of the truth that the future is not certain nor secure for any of us, and that the moments we find ourselves in right now will be shaped by the hope we are able to hold. Hope is the strength that we are afforded to mold the now into the steps we take to whatever the future holds for us. While the future is uncertain we decide who we will be when we get there. This sounds like lofty idealism in the face of all the suffering that exists in our world, but there are too many stories of those who have taken their moments and molded a beacon of courage, strength and faith for us to follow. The choice in this time of graduations is solely our to make. What will yours be?

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