In photography it is desirable to create varying degrees of visual tension to draw the viewer’s eye around the image you have created and thus more fully communicate the intent of your creation. This will also evoke an emotional response to the image. Empty space will, if the composition supports it, create this tension as in the image above. The water droplet in the photo is on the verge of losing its grip and plummeting to the earth below it, or is it? Will it cling to it’s perch in a bid to lose itself to the heavens as a vapor? Do I want it to drop, or am I rooting for it to hang in there? There is a tension created inside the viewer that will hopefully enhance the experience of taking in the image.
Life too may be enhanced by the presence of emptiness at the edges of our perception or experience. The tension created within us by the possibility of nothingness either within us, or without gives us an equally clear view into who we as when we are inundated with thoughts and demands. Thus solitude may be a fearful experience until we learn to peer at ourselves and unflinchingly take in all we see. The specter of an uncertain future may evaporate as we embrace the truth that we are the only thing that we are in control of. Emptiness may become a welcome companion just as darkness heralds our rest at the end of the day.
So which is it? Will it fall or will it cling? Does the answer even matter, or is the tension the real joy of it?

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