Roadside attractions

It is a wonder to me the way a simple change of venue or activity can spark a cerebral renewal which can even temporarily override physiological exhaustion. Like trying batteries in the household junk drawers and suddenly finding the ones that still have enough juice to power that gadget just long enough for you to be able to get truly fresh batteries on your next grocery trip. A brief respite from all the familiar surroundings will many times jar something within to produce an internal espresso shot perfectly measured for leaping over minor obstacles. For major impediments it would be advisable to add an externally sourced espresso of your choosing, but for the smaller glitches in our mental processes even something so simple as being dropped off a few blocks from home so you can walk the streets that normally blur past the windows can be surprisingly therapeutic.
Just yesterday I was talking to my wife, as she drove us home, that I have been dealing with bouts of fatigue that have me somewhat concerned. There is a settling on my shoulders of a weariness normally reserved for the moments immediately preceding bedtime followed soon after by a mental listlessness. I was feeling this way even as we made for our home in the woods after running some errands. Perhaps if my camera bag had not been in the vehicle the thoughts of walking the last kilometre or so would have abated, fortunately it was and they did not. So at the last stop sign my wife pulled over and I grabbed my gear, including my tripod which always indicates a deeper commitment to the task at hand, and I began my slow journey home. The infusion of motivation and mission brought a much needed jolt to my ‘everyday’. As I headed for the grassy roadside the fog parted enough for me to regain some vision. Alas the internalized espresso of fresh air and a myriad of subjects to photograph did not endure all the way home, and most of the photographs from the latter end of my walk have already been deleted, but the stir this small thing caused is a line I’ll keep handy. Handy so that the next time a line like it is in my hand I may twine them together. Who knows what weight it will hold eventually.
I hope you enjoy the photographic effort from the first steps into the tall grass.

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