Oil & Water (Purple)

Bubbles fascinate me. Ever since I was a kid wasting time over a sink of dishes I can remember being captivated by their form, colors, reflectivity, and delicacy. They are an amazing structural form which in an undisturbed state display total equilibrium of forces, and distribution of density. They are remarkable and I still love to gaze into a handful of them from time to time.
The photo above is actually droplets of oil floating in a glass pan partially filled with water. Their form mimics bubbles in a more two-dimensional way as they drift about the water’s surface, but their purity and reflectivity make them an excellent subject for a macro photo. I don’t know if you have ever tried your hand at macro photography, but anyone who has quickly discovers that it is much more than just getting really close to your subject. It involves different lighting techniques, framing issues, and not least of all the issue of focus. The depth of field in macro photography is whisper thin, meaning that whatever you want to be in sharp focus needs to fit in a space of roughly a millimeter or less at times. Now try this with subjects that move and you will have a whole new appreciation for those photos you see of flowers, insects and the like. In the above photo I was trying to “shepherd” the bubbles around the water to get a pleasing composition, and this set me to thinking (which usually leads to blogging).
I thought back to a time when I understood that we as people have quite a list of things that separate us from the natural realm around us. The one that drew me most in was that we are the only form of life that can actively oppose the One who formed us. We can choose at any moment to swerve away from His will. Beautiful as the bubbles I was coaxing were, they frustrated me with their constant drifting. We too are beautiful, but we willfully drift away from the Will that would guide us. This always occurs at our great peril and yet, off we go. Freewill in motion.
Of course there is a time when every bubble bursts and at this point there is another analogy I would like to draw, but that will be for “Bubbles 2”. The question now is what will happen when our thin wall of protection vanishes and we are left naked once more?

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  1. This is a thought-provoking analogy, Brad. I like it. And it’s provoking thought. I always get that when I read your blog posts. 🙂

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