No Bubbles Today

Digging in the DirtI was planning to do a post as a follow up on the ideas being presented in my last post, but this is dependant upon the arrival of a new macro lens so that I may properly document the visual portion of the blog.  The lens is to be purchased with monies I am saving so hopefully it will be soon.  A true 1:1 macro makes such a huge difference over the current lens I am using which is only 1:2.7 magnification.  While it is capable of beautiful photos it is not a true macro.

I find that this is also true in the real world in regards to how deeply we look into the issues of our lives.  While it may be simpler to just “point-and-shoot” our beliefs and opinions by merely purusing through the latest pop-culture self help book, in the long run it leaves us sounding like a stream of cheesy Facebook® shares and fridge magnet quotes.  Hard for people to take that seriously.  I mean when was the last time you altered the whole course of your life because someone posted a catchy phrase with some flowers and a nice picture?  Personally I can’t think of even one occasion.  They are nice sayings, but the response is ,”Hmmm, nice; now what was I doing?”.  A macro shot with my lens and one taken with a true macro lens is the same thing.  Mine is nice, but the 1:1 blows it away.  Fridge magnets are nice, but the person who shares from a depth of experience trumps it every time.  The ones who take the magnet off of the fridge and apply it to their lives are the ones whose message rings with truth rather than the dull thud of a fridge door.  Such is a family friend who has been in a wheel chair for years due to someone else’s poor choices, but she radiates the love and grace of her Lover like few I know.  She has been fearless in searching out the deep things and being a partaker in the sufferings.  She has looked into the depths and found treasures of peace, hope, and joy that I have been privileged to share in.  She has become a wonderful gift to everyone around her.

Lately I have been feeling a lot like my lens.

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