The Glass was Full

Glass Abstract Bubble Blue_2013Mar22_7047(B&W)This glass was full at one time with some form or another of liquid refreshment meant to replenish its bearer’s stores of essential, or possibly non-essential, fluids.  Its sides attractively deformed to ease the momentary burden of lifting its contents to one’s mouth so that no anxiety, however fleeting, would interrupt the consumption and subsequent satisfaction.  Its sturdy build of thick-walled glass allowed for a certain gusto if the drinker so desired, and also kept cool summer libations from warming too quickly.  This same glass added that delightful tinkle at the kiss of each ice-cube off of its resonant surface signalling to all around that festivity was in the air.  Truly simple elegance in form and function.  It just worked.  Of course that was when it was full.

Afterwards it became yet another soiled piece of kitchenware to be soaked and scrubbed, stacked indiscriminately with all of its kin.  Perhaps it even lingered behind some greasy pots only to demand a fresh batch of soapy water be drawn to keep up the appearances necessary to insure it will be chosen from the cupboard at the next soiree.  Now it is just taking up space.  Now it is empty.

The story here though is the fact that this empty glass found its way onto a blog post calling attention to its plight.  Now in its emptiness there is found a different kind of beauty, a usefulness of the soul.  It now refreshes a place no water nor iced cocktail could reach.  In emptiness it has slipped past the defenses of daily purpose and posed itself cunningly before the window shades.  Do you see it there?

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