Emptied Out

Emptied Out
It is impossible to estimate the total damage inflicted upon our world by the presence of humanity, but the evidence of our illogical malice towards our home is everywhere to be seen. Wherever we pass through we leave an indelible memoir of our existence. Scarred earth, extinct species, particulate laden air and more have ensured our species’ legacy will not be soon forgotten. Even for those of us who have made efforts to live with a smaller footprint, there is a footprint nonetheless. From our small impression upon the nurturing surface beneath us it is easier to point at the ones who leave behind a trail of Jurassic proportions, but each individual’s contribution is irrefutable. We all bear a responsibility.
Of course there is more to this story than just the physical occupation of this particular space by our race. There is a reality that is at least equal and by some accounts infinitely greater and that is the universe of our souls. Though not visible to the naked eye it is altogether perceptible to other faculties we possess which guide us through our lives amongst each other. Like blind people we wander about relationships on various levels using the appropriate sensory guides to find our way around. In public we use a cane because people are not going to be in our inner circles, in social gatherings we fold up the cane and trust our more intimate senses and possibly a trusted associate, at home we trust to a layout that doesn’t change so that our muscle memory can lead us even in the darkest night without a mishap. Of course all it takes is for someone to move the coffee table, right?
In this realm the toxic waste is all around us. Unfortunately it lies within a reality beyond the reach of the naked eye, or camera. Anyone got one of those little blue forensic flashlights?

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