Bubbles 2

Bubbles 2

So my macro lens finally came in the mail and it has been just about as much fun as I thought it would be. I have always been a detail oriented person so this lens is a perfect fit for me.  The beauty and intricacy of the world around me is opening up to a whole new level because now my eye may roam where it likes rather than just doing  Google® image search.

Forms, patterns and details are all around us.  Their complexity is astounding, and even now they are just beginning to be more fully grasped by our greatest scientific minds.  For example there was a TED® talk given by Margaret Wertheim regarding the revelation that mathematicians have had about the occurrences in nature of forms that describe “some of the most complicated mathematical models embodied in our universe”.  You can read and view her thoughts much more fully at the blog post.  There were the discoveries of fractals occurring in vegetables as well, and I am sure there are more to come.  There is such beauty in the simplicity of the complexities of nature because it all happens so effortlessly.  There is also a not so subtle humor in the way we feel so grandiose because we discovered that it was there all along.  Even in watching the aforementioned video it was hard for me to not to see the disconnect that happens when we start with the assumption of the superiority of humanity and human intellect.  I’ll save any further ramblings on that for another post though.

The bubble is one of these amazing natural forms that work their magic around us practically every day without a second thought from us except maybe to get them out of our eyes when we rinse the shampoo from our hair.  Bubbles at rest are a beautiful picture of equilibrium.  Forces balanced across its surface so meticulously that the spherical shape results, and with a showman’s panache for the razzle dazzle it does this while displaying swirling iridescence shimmering across its surface.  Absolutely delightful!  We too are fearfully and wonderfully made.  In the universe we are unique.  We are the bubbles.  Unlike anything else in the universe we have a free will to act against the Will that made us.  We, though beautiful and iridescent, use our thin shield to keep that great Will at bay until the day when the bubble bursts.  On that day all the contents are released back into the universe that we so fervently resisted and we discover that the shield was all that we ever truly had that was ours to control.  The beauty of the bubble is quickly forgotten and its insignificance in light of all else that surrounds it becomes painfully apparent.

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