Macro Patterns in Mesh


It is no accident that our world is full of patterns both man made and natural, simple and complex.  Something attracts us to patterns.  Something resonates within when we are in the presence of patterns.  Now the harmonics of this resonance may cause varied reactions, but the point is the cause rather than the effect.  The fact that we seek patterns can even be seen as we look deeply into the art of masters like Jackson Pollock and conceptual photographer Uta Barth (whom I actually just discovered today), and as we peer at it part of the intrigue is our mind’s ceaseless efforts to ‘see’ the pattern.  Part of the joy is learning to let go of this incessant craving for order and simply experience.  For some this is much easier to achieve than for others.  Some people actually tend to live their lives this way while others, like myself, still look at this sensory thrill as a break from the everyday.  For me it is more of an exercise than a lifestyle.  For this reason I enjoy photography, its skillful empowering of both expressions.

This relationship to patterns may also be seen in the less tangible realms of our surroundings, which is perhaps why we seek for them as we seek for both perfections and imperfections while we stare in the mirror.  These patterns exist within each one of us.  In social circles our patterns will draw certain people to us while at the self same moment repelling others.   Our resonance may set off a dissonance in others much like the annoying overlap that occurs when you stand between two people who scream steadily towards each other.  Contrarily we may also come upon those with whom our patterns harmonize to the delight of all within earshot.  The question arises though as to the possibility of one changing their patterns as a singer may improve their range with expert guidance and practice, or if we are more akin to a tuning fork that may only chime its particular pitch?  Are we more at the mercy of design, or is it our own wills with which we wrestle? 


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