The Light That Shines

Marble & Red Glitter

It is my hope that when I present a photograph to someone that there will be some element of it that will draw them into it and that as they are drawn in they will see something from a different perspective. The subtitle on my (slowly growing) webpage is “Finding Art in the Everyday” and more than just being a descriptive, perhaps catchy, little phrase it truly is what I strive to do whenever I go out with my camera. Art to me is that jarring knock on our noggin that shifts us ever so slightly out of our normal orbit or alignment to see things in new ways or even simply with fresh eyes.
With this photo I happened to be in a rather uninspired state of mind sitting at the kitchen table with my camera. My thoughts were beginning to spiral downward into some pathetic self deprecating rant about my skills as a photographer when I glanced over at a marble that was also sitting at the kitchen table. This table attracts all kinds of passers by that usually are only a few short steps from their real home and they wait here until somebody decides that the only decent thing to do is help them complete their journey. Oddly enough this usually occurs right before supper is served. This marble and I were occupying that void of time lying between our arrivals and the sounding of the dinner bell. I decided we should do something constructive with this time so I grabbed a red glittery Christmas ornament that has avoided the pre-meal relocation efforts by sitting on a nearby shelf and started shooting. I had no idea what I was looking for but this is where it finally ended up. The marble is most decidedly not a Swarovski class piece of glass and the ornament is completely out of season, but I still liked where it went.
This is also the same way that I make efforts to look at the people around me. I try to actually look at them. It is all to easy to just scan past people and never see them. It is all to easy to miss the sparkle that exists in those around us. I hope that if we ever meet I will be trying to take my time and really see you, and perhaps you will see me too.

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  1. Really beautiful!

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