So Many Ways to Die

2013Aug18_Macro Spider_1295It is unclear what this spider is eating due to the advanced state of its bodily decomposition and subsequent ingestion of said decomposed matter by the star of this photo.  It is also unclear as to how this creature arrived in this sorry state, whether a misguided hop, a tragic aerial trajectory, or even a misstep on an overhanging branch.  Suffice to say that if this particular insect had it to do over this scene would have been somewhat more Idyllic from its perspective.  Suicide is not quite the issue in the animal kingdom that it is for us bipeds.

The animal kingdom on the other hand is rife with opportunities to become dinner for some fellow denizen of what ever habitat you happen to inhabit.  There are very few places of safety and seclusion for the creatures of this world and thanks to us even those who could rest easy at the top of the food chain have felt their existence threatened.  Even on this particular photo walk there were countless webs strung about every kind of structure present, from the trees to the eaves they were everywhere.  There were even mother spiders tending to the hatching of dozens more web weavers.  For someone looking for arachnid photo ops it was a boon, but to those looking to enjoy their all too brief existence it was a veritable minefield.

It strikes me that life is also like this.  We may have many faculties upon which to base our decisions just as a fly has compound eyes, but just like the fly we lack the farsightedness necessary to avoid winding up ensnared.  The fly goes about its business with great care and caution as anyone who has tried to catch one can attest.  It suffers no blindness nor lack of sensory apparatus to help it along its way, but the sheer expansiveness of the world it explores in search of food leaves it at a disadvantage that spiders are all too happy to capitalize on.  The thought comes to me though that if the fly had the ability to communicate with some far larger and far sighted being, say a human, who had its best interests at heart, it would be possible through a constant dialogue for the fly to forage safely.  The thought leads me to think about my own shortsightedness.  Perhaps I too could use a guide.

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