Power & Motion

A&W Car Show-24-Edit-Edit-2


So the other night there was a gathering of street rod aficionados at the local strip mall parking lot and I just happened to have my camera along.  It was cool to see these people who are so into their hobby and enjoying each others company that they decided to take it public.  The local A&W restaurant couldn’t support their collective presence so they moved into the main mall parking lot every Thursday evening from 6-9pm.  Very cool.  After asking for permission to shoot their cars, sorry I couldn’t resist, I proceeded to start snapping the kind of detail shots that I have always loved and the one attached to this post was my favorite.  So much so that I decided to enter it into a photo critique group I belong to on G+.  I was fascinated by the responses I got and by one critique in particular that seemed to divide the opinions of this shot.  A number of people stated that they did not like the out of focus tire.  One fellow gave it the thumbs down partly because he didn’t know what the emblem meant.  This got me thinking.

This emblem was on a Chevelle® Super Sport with a 454 cubic inch engine.  The emblem is a symbol of power, around 400 horsepower.  The BF Goodrich® tires and mag rims connect this power to the street and while the engine that produces the power is typically hidden under the hood as the power is in motion, the mags, rubber and chrome are all there to feast the eyes on.  The tires will catch the eye.  What we do for everyone to see will catch the eyes of those around us, but what is it that we have under the hood?  What little emblem do we wear to show what it is that moves us to do what we do?  Do people know or are we just for show?  What powers you?

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