Into the Infinite

Water on Flower


Sometimes we find things of beauty so close to home that the inescapable thought is, “How did I miss that?”.  For me it was the drive home to get a tripod that I had forgotten so that I could photograph some wild flowers down by the nearby river when I noticed all the flowering plants lining the road back to our place like so many overlooked models preening for their chance in the limelight.  This particular flower is the more attractive appendage of a weed next to our neighbor’s driveway.  The drop of water was strategically placed with a handheld mister.

While I worked over this shot in Lightroom® and Photoshop® it occurred to me that there was a connection not only with the flower but with the drop of water and our all to brief appearance on this world’s stage.  The difficulty in capturing a water drop is that in the moment that its form is most pleasing it is also the moment when the surface tension can no longer sustain the burden and must release its grip.  The moment can be agonizingly difficult to catch.  A split second to long and it’s already gone, too soon and the form belies an early shutter release.  So fleeting.  As are we.

The water drop returns to the earth even as we will.  It will continue life’s cycle in its dispersal even as we will.  Others will follow its path and even its form just as others will come after us.  Yet as the ground rushes to meet our end our thoughts betray us, we believe we matter not for the whole but simply because we matter.

This time I was a spectator and it was easy to ponder the passing.  One day I will be the participant.

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