Planning Ahead

Beautiful day's end at Morfee Lake in Mackenzie, B.C., Canada.


This photo was taken on an idyllic evening at Morfee Lake after a late afternoon swim in the clear warm waters of First Beach.  My friend whom I was visiting drove me down to the Third Beach area where there is a boat launch that accesses the northern end of the lake where motorboats are allowed.  He knows I am an avid photographer and recognized the opportunity that this sunset would afford me.  That night was a highlight of a great trip.

I was very keen to go to Morfee Lake ever since I first visited Mackenzie in November of last year and had began researching the locations that the area offered for landscape shooting.  After utilizing multiple Google® tools and various websites it was clear to me that this had to be on the itinerary.  Planning ahead is always important to get the most out of any vacation.  In fact planning ahead is a crucial part of life.  One can very easily end up well off their desired path if some forward thinking is not included with the forward motion with which life inexorably carries us along.  It is true that this still gives no guarantees, but an unplanned trajectory does tend to guarantee a rough landing.  This is due to the unknown terrain that lies before all of us.  That unsearchable, intangible gap from which the present continually streams and at the end of which lies the only certainty we have as living beings.  The certainty that this will end one day; of this there is no doubt.

Beyond that impenetrable veil stretches out yet another unknown.  The question is, though, does the unknown nature of the eternal make it any less open to careful planning?  There are many opinions as to what, if anything, lies beyond.  This is true of travel destinations as well.  So many opinions, some even coming from remunerated sources.  So, like myself with my friend who knew the area I was going to visit firsthand, wouldn’t it be prudent to consider this same option when it comes to this inevitable excursion and seek out someone with firsthand experience?  Someone who knows the way.

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