A Way That Seems Right

There are so many little sanctuaries dotting the Fraser Valley of British Columbia that it would be easy to visit a different one each day; if you knew where they all were. A slightly different route along an unfamiliar back road will sometimes yield multiple new finds. A sanctuary, by my definition, is small, secluded, and peaceful. It can include those little green spaces in urban enclaves that go unnoticed in the rush, the small mountain cascade that flashes by on the highway, or even the public parks that are so small that their place on the maintenance rotation leaves them closer to nature than their manicured kin.

The photo above was taken at just such a place that I have driven past numerous times. My son had longboarded past here a few times and told me that he and his friends had ducked under the low branches along the roadside to find this wonderful creek rushing over mossy rocks and under forested shade. A perfect location for a long exposure of moving water!

Elk Creek Cascades off Patterson-32(Web)

The only issue that arises when shooting a location like this is that it hasn’t been on any caretaker’s to-do list. There are branches strewn about in such a random fashion that the very thought of trying to address it in Photoshop® instantaneously drains the scene of all serenity. Time then for the photographer to either roll up their sleeves—or pant legs in this case—to do some hands-on editing or move on. This is where the log in the title photo came in. Easy access to the other side.

This log also spoke a beautiful metaphor to me of dealing with obstacles in life. Just like the creek, we seldom find situations we walk into cleared of debris and clutter. Often, my response is to roll up my sleeves and try to make a way, to get dirty and get ‘r done. The log reminded me that the path I am on that is not my own; it reminded me that the one who made the path also made the log.

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