Where Do I Stand?

Sometimes, events transpire in such a way as to make us feel like the world is being orchestrated around us; not the events that we have striven for though, rather the ones that just happen. Happy coincidences that pile up into a warm gooey center deep within us. The moment in the feature photo was one of those moments for me, and happily the lady who builds a lot of happy circumstances into my life was there to enjoy it as well.

We had decided to go to Cascade Falls Regional Park on a brilliantly sunny winter day. The trick to this particular park is timing the visit with the sun, because the valley runs north to south and gets precious few direct rays. On this day, the sun was crossing low in the sky and as it cleared some of the local mountains to the south shafts of warm light became suspended in the mists rising from the falls below the suspension bridge. I also happened to be below the bridge getting some shots of the falls. Perfect!

Seeing my wife back-lit by the God rays on that bridge illustrates for me the curiously special place we inhabit in the grand scheme of things, and how often we completely miss it. We miss it for a variety of reasons; not the least of which is the fear of standing out. It is a truly odd fear since it runs exactly contrary to our desire to be special; to be loved. It is, however, a fear that also makes sense. You see, fear keeps us back. Now if there was Someone who wanted to lift us up, perhaps even invite us into royalty, wouldn’t a particularly malicious foe find this a perfect paper dragon to keep us at bay? Really though, would One who washed your feet ask you to stand anywhere but the center of it all?

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